Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bloggers and Pornographers

While you would think there is a distinct difference between the two, our company has decided they rank equally. Up until recently, I used to check my blogging friends reports when I got into work at 5:00 a.m. I'd grab a cup of coffee and do a quick read through to see what everyone was up to. However, last week when I clicked on my link to one of the 6 or 7 blogs I follow, this warning comes up that it has been blocked by "WEBSENSE". So I tried another one and the same thing. Man was I pissed! Out of a work day I might spend 15 minutes of the 11 or 12 hours I put in, following the running adventures of people in different corners of the world.
So I just have to catch up in the evenings and the weekends. As for my own blogging, I just haven't had the time. Between labour negotiations, operating plans, and planning for audits it has been just too much! That being said, I have remarkedly been able to keep up a pretty good training regime, to the point where I would love to compete!
The weather has continued to remain relatively good for this time of year so I have been able to get out for some great autumn runs. The legs have been strong and while I haven't pushed the distance, I have been running some solid times. A half marathon would be just about right for me now if I could find one close by. That seems to be the problem though. There are not too many running events this time of the year in Northern Alberta.
After this prolonged period of operating without a training plan, I find myself starting to want to have something to follow. It is still way too early to start training in earnest for Coeur d'Alene, so I am going to have to find something that gives me a little more structure and purpose, but is not too intense.
Last weekend was Thanksgiving and we had a house full which was fantastic. My brother Blair and his wife Frances and son Justin, along with my brother Keith and his daughter Kate-Lynne were here for the weekend and it was great. Of course Nicholas, Francesca and Nicole were here as well. We enjoyed a couple of great meals, a few tasty beverages and lots of laughs during the time they were here.
Good luck to all the racers this weekend! Remember to be careful and above all else, have some fun!
Have a great weekend!


Keith power said...

Thanks for the great weekend. Got back just in time to complete the job?? When we got back we had tickets to the Oilers home opener, had to turn them down, bummer? Anyway finished the room and she likes it. TTYL Keith

Anonymous said...

you were probably blocked by websense because that page was hosting malicious code!