Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a September!

The weather as of late has been nothing short of spectacular. Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid to high twenties and even a few thirty degree days has given us a nice extension to summer. It has also made my runs a whole lot more enjoyable. I am also enjoying re-discovering some of the trails I used to run when I lived in Town. Nothing like a change in scenery to give you a boost and reinvigorate your workouts.
Today I started out slow and meandered through the trails and along hydro lines and picked up 9 miles in 1:01:03. Don't know why I feel I have to be so precise, but there are the numbers. Despite the warmer than normal temperatures the leaves have started to turn and in some cases fall. It makes for some beautiful scenery and as I have mentioned before, really brings me back to the roots of my running. My love of running was developed in high school running cross country in the fall. I can still recall running the trail to Penn Lake from the high school and back through the fallen leaves and breathing the crisp air of fall. For most people in my class having to do that run was a chore and most usually just hid in the woods. But me and a couple of others really enjoyed it and would cover the three or so miles with ease. And that is really where I started with running.
The forecast for next week shows that things will be coming to an abrupt halt as the temperatures will return to more seasonal and perhaps worse. But I am going to enjoy this good stuff for as long as I can!
Have a great day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Post

My workouts as of late are still relatively short and uninspired. I think not having any race plans has left me in a maintenance mode. Plus I am very busy as well.
However I have been running and cycling and while it hasn't been major miles I am definitely maintaining fitness at this point.
Went into the Oiler's pre-season game last night and the team looks promising. Certainly not a Stanley Cup winner but it looks like we are going to play a more offensive and entertaining brand of hockey. It was great to be back at Rexall Place as it has been a few years since I had my tickets.
This weekend I hope to get out for a double digit run and of course, continue to unpack and organize. I also have the headlight hanging out of my truck as I need to change the bulb. Nicholas said it was easy to do but so far I have spent 2 hours on it and still haven't got to the light!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Organized

It's been a little while since I have posted as my time has been totally occupied with making the move to our new house. And now we are finally in and starting to get somewhat organized.
The move was a protracted affair as there was myself, Angela, Nicholas and Nicole participating. Nicholas was a huge help in moving all the big stuff and Angela and Nicole packed things up. It was nice having 9 days between the closing dates so that we had adequate time to get everything done. It was none the less a major challenge trying to fit 3,000 square feet of possessions into 2,000 square feet of house. It did result in a major purge which was great.
My working out over the last week has consisted mostly of lugging, lifting and dragging with no time for anything else. Friday I did manage to run and it was tough. Yesterday I was able to get a quick six miles in as well and it was also tough. We are having a beautiful September and the temperatures on both days were 28 and 29 respectively. I have never been a good hot weather runner so I suffer in the heat. This week things will get back to normal and I can start trying to cobble together a plan for a fall marathon. My sights will be set significantly lower as I just haven't put in the time or miles, but I would still like to go and run a race somewhere.
The swimming pool is closed for another couple weeks and I am really missing the swimming. The plan is that it should be up and running mid-October. Cycling wise I hope to get out for a ride today. It will be much easier from our new location as I can ride right from the house and don't have to pack everything up and head down the highway. I'm going to enjoy that.
Have a great weekend!