Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Couple of Good Weeks

The last couple of weeks of training have been a lot of fun and I am really feeling like I have a good solid base to work from. I have imposed a limit of 8 hours for right now until I pick a race. At this limit I am not getting too far ahead of myself with the likely outcome of being burned out once race time comes around. Also within the 8 hour weeks I am trying to mix up the proportions of each of the three disciplines. So far it has been reasonably successful, although that darn running always seems to win out!
February is the month that I will pick my races and then I can develop a more formal plan. From past history, you will know that I don’t really develop a rigid plan, but something more along the lines of a guideline. Some people need the more prescriptive type plan, but I have had success following this line of thinking.
Last week I ended the week with 8 hours and 5 minutes, on 3 swims (5,150 metres), 3 rides (46 miles) and 5 runs (33 miles). One of the workouts was a brick which worked out quite nicely and my legs transitioned quite well from bike to run.
I also do a fair bit of core work which consists of sit ups, push ups and chin ups. Last weeks totals were 1,500 sit ups, 420 push ups and 85 chin ups.
Otherwise life continues to be good. We have had a relatively mild winter and there are some subtle signs that spring may even happen. I haven’t planned a winter vacation this year because I’m just not feeling like I need one yet. That may change, but if it doesn’t the money saved will be used to build a fence.
Have a great day!

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TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

Sounds like some amazing base training. It's the perfect way to leave you wanting for more and stay injury free!!!