Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chugging Along

This really epitomizes my training as of late. The workouts just seem to keep getting completed, nothing outstanding, just good old fashioned workman-like efforts.
My swims have been staying in the 1,500 to 2,200 metre range. I am working on my pacing as I really don’t always have a good handle on my level of perceived effort versus my actual speed. By doing intervals with a goal time it helps to start make that connection. I will never be a speed demon in the pool, but I believe that by spending some time doing more intervals it will help me better understand if I am doing a 1,500 metre swim in 30:00, whether I am doing the first 750 metres in 13:00 and the back half in 17:00. Currently I don’t know.
On the bike I have been keeping the rides to about 1:30 at most right now. This week I should finally be able to start riding outside. Yahoo! The trainer has served me well, but I really need to hit the roads and work on my riding skills. As far as fitness on the bike, I’m good, but some road riding will a welcome change. There is nothing like sailing downhill at 60 kilometres an hour to get the blood pumping!
Last week seemed to be a bounce back week for running after a couple of weeks of lack lustre runs. I just couldn’t seem to get my legs under me for about a two week period and every run was a chore. However with runs of 17 miles and 16 miles over the last two weeks, I think I have finally broken out of the slump. Now I just have to manage myself so I avoid injury. There are a lot of events coming up in the next three months and I want to be ready to go if the mood strikes me.
Monday I swam 2,100 metres and it was a relatively low level workout. I was not sure I was going to go to the pool and decided at the last minute to go. Without a firm plan in hand, I did a good warm up, some drills, and then a 600 metre continuous swim, followed by 8 x 100 metres with the pull buoy and a cool down.
Today I ran at lunch time. It was about 12 Celsius and a good wind coming from the west. It was my third run in the Newton shoes and I had some jump in my step, especially when the wind was at my back. My path meandered through some trails, onto some town streets and back onto the trails. Final tally was 6.41 miles in 43:46, about at 6:54 pace.
The evening workout was a 1 hour and 23 minute hill climbing session on the bike. With the wind, and getting home late, I did the ride on the trainer. By the time I load up my bike and all my gear to drive to the start point I would have used up a good 30 minutes so it was easier to do the trainer.
With the regard to the new shoes, I now have logged about 18 miles in them and so far so good. Today was the first day I used my orthodics in them and it really didn’t change the responsiveness of the shoe. You certainly notice that your foot strike is more in line with your body and it seems to me that my turnover has improved. That could be perceived but it seems like it to me. I also really like how light they are.
Have a great day!

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Love2Run said...

I didn't realize you were in a running slump. Some of those times you've been posting sound pretty quick to moi. Glad you're training is going well and will be put to the test soon!