Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Post

My workouts as of late are still relatively short and uninspired. I think not having any race plans has left me in a maintenance mode. Plus I am very busy as well.
However I have been running and cycling and while it hasn't been major miles I am definitely maintaining fitness at this point.
Went into the Oiler's pre-season game last night and the team looks promising. Certainly not a Stanley Cup winner but it looks like we are going to play a more offensive and entertaining brand of hockey. It was great to be back at Rexall Place as it has been a few years since I had my tickets.
This weekend I hope to get out for a double digit run and of course, continue to unpack and organize. I also have the headlight hanging out of my truck as I need to change the bulb. Nicholas said it was easy to do but so far I have spent 2 hours on it and still haven't got to the light!
Have a great weekend!

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