Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Little More Than Planned….

Despite my best efforts last week I surpassed my target of 8 hours by a little more than planned. A combination of good weather, fresh legs and a good attitude resulted in getting into double digits and finishing the week over 10 hours.
Now in the big scheme of things that in itself is not a huge deal, but what it does show is my body is almost pre-programmed for an early season race.
The totals for the week were

Swimming 6,250 metres
Biking 60 miles
Ran 40 miles

There were a couple of hard efforts in there, but by and large it was just some good solid workouts. One of the runs was a good tempo run – 10 kms with an average pace of 6:37 / mile. I still believe that for me to work my Ironman times down I am going to have to capitalize on my running strength. Over the three races I have done, I have not felt that I have been able to really push on the run. In 2008 at Arizona there was no opportunity as the conditions put me in survival mode, but last year at IM CDA I should have been able to do better.
This week will be a cut back week to try and compensate for last week. I will still want to keep the running up around 40 miles since it looks like Red Deer is going to be my spring race in May.
Have a great week!


Love2Run said...

A true Canadian, meters, miles, km & min/mile! Hard to keep track of it all ;-) You're really busting the training. Keep it up!

TRI TO BE FUNNY-Carrie Barrett said...

Off to a great start!!!

Chad said...

Way to go, man. I am just running, but i love the sport.