Saturday, October 16, 2010

Okay I'm going to try this again

Last post was March 10 of this year and I have finally decided to try and start blogging again. It's not that I haven't had anything to blog about, just couldn't seem to find the time or motivation.
So here is a quick re-cap of the events of 2010

St. Albert 10 Miler - 1:05 - 3rd in 50 - 59
Banff to Jasper Relay - Leg #3 (all uphill) 20.6 kms in 1:31 - 4th overall for the leg
Heart of the Rockies Olympic Tri - 2:33 - 3rd again in age group
Stony Plain 1/2 Marathon - 1:24:24 - 5th overall and 1st in age group
Victoria Marathon - 3:02:33 - 6th in age group and 88th overall

As you can see I have had a relatively busy last couple of months. Lots of training as well in preparation for the Silverman in Henderson, NV on November 7. Still not sure that running a marathon hard last weekend, four weeks out from an IM was a great idea, but we will see. Overall my training has gone well but I have definitely not put in enough time on the bike. The weather here this summer was not conducive to cycling so I deferred to the trainer for shorter rides. Hopefully it has all added up and will count for something.
Now to just try and get in the habit of posting more often.
Have a great day!


Love2Run said...

Well, you HAVE been busy right? Great results to show the over 50's what they have to shoot for. Take it easy recovering and preparing for the IM. You ARE crazy!

Becky H said...

You'll have to keep us updated on your Silverman IM prep! Congrats on some fantastic running times this year, if you can hold it together on the bike you'll have a great run (I think I agree about the Marathon 4 weeks before IM however... you are ambitious!!). Best of luck!