Sunday, October 31, 2010

One More Week!

Well next week at this time I will be in the early stages of my race. I have no doubt this is going to be the toughest challenge I have taken on to date. Judging from the past times they look to be at least one hour or better slower than most IM races.
The key to success (finishing!) will be more cerebral than physical. The focus can't be on the clock. I have resigned myself that the time will be slower. I really have to be extremely mindful of taking it easy when I can and reserving as much energy as possible. The swim should be good as there are just over 300 competitors in the full distance. Therefore the lake shouldn't be crowded and the risk of getting punched, kicked or mugged is decreased significantly. While swimming in the wetsuit does wonders for the buoyancy the added restriction does tend to increase fatigue in the arms. I am looking to just settle into a nice rhythm and concentrate on good form.
The bike part will be the biggest challenge. With all the climbing I am going to have to get my routine settled into quickly. I like to break each hour into 10 - 15 minute cycles, where I make sure I drink, get some calories in, change position and stand at least once. Keeping everything functioning is going to take a lot of discipline.
When it comes to the run I really will have to watch my pace. Much like the bike, it will be a matter of getting settled into a pace and a routine. The hills on the run give me far less heartburn then on the bike. I actually don't mind running hills. If you look down it looks like it is flat anyway!
Basically that is my strategy in a nutshell. Finishing is the goal and whatever time it takes will be fine with me. I will keep you posted from the road as we will be heading out on Wednesday.
Have a great weekend!


Becky H said...

Hope you have a great trip down to Las Vegas, and that you have a great race!! Safe travels.

Love2Run said...

Yes, safe travels and ration out the energy carefully on race day. Have fun!