Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have kind of felt that way about the blog lately. Nothing really exciting to report on and I feel like blabbing about the same old workouts wears thin after awhile. It's not that I am bored, not by any stretch of the imagination! Life is great! The workouts are progressing along just dandy and I have never felt better about wear I am at this point in the cycle.
Work is great with lots of interesting things happening. Having my younger brother here now has also been nice. It is good to talk with someone who can give you a frank assessment of the operations and people. By and large I think he has generally been impressed but he also sees a lot of opportunity for us to improve.
Wedding plans are also moving along at an appropriate pace. Everything is booked, invitations are out, cake ordered, all that is left is for Mom and Dad to pick up some new duds! It is going to be a family affair with about 60 people at Pyramid Lake Lodge in Jasper, Alberta. Unfortunately with the untimely recession and resulting uncertainty some of my family will now be unable to come. The recession is the first one that has gotten personal as two operations where I have family working have permanently closed. That sucks big time! However, as previously mentioned I have one brother already here and another one interviewing next week, so who knows they may all end up out here.
Anyway back to the blog and lack of inspiration. I read a lot of really good bloggers out there. People who seem to be able to turn the mundane reporting of workouts in spell-binding reading. Unfortunately I have not been similarly blessed. Mine reads more like an article out of the Accountants Today Journal! However I will keep trying and maybe I will get struck with some new and creative ideas!
Okay, now back to the numbers, the week went down something like this:
Swam 4.7 miles
Biked 91.6 miles
Ran 35.3 miles

Total of 11 hours and 42 minutes.

I am starting to get some decent cycling sessions in now and my swims have been really good. It is interesting to see that people who were cruising past me in the pool are now sucking my wake! I seemed to have really improved my pull and my average stroke count is between 16 and 19 per length. All good stuff.

Have a great weekend!


Grellan said...

Good work with the swimming Garry. Whatever you're doing it's working very well. I'm also envious of your bike mileage.

I heard that Canada is the only place left in the world to go to if you want to be this recession. Two young Engineers are leaving my company and heading for Canada (west coast) - although I hear there are more opportunities on the east coast.

Grellan said...

"...if you want to BEAT this recession"