Thursday, March 19, 2009


After a brief stint of feeling better, my cold came back resulted in some half-hearted and missed workouts this week. Not to worry though, I am sure I will be back up to speed sooner rather than later.
This cold has dragged on though, and it probably doesn't help that I continue to push through it. Hopefully it is not a sign of anything more sinister.
Today I finally felt some strength in my legs and I was able to knock off an even eight miles in just over 55 minutes. We'll see if the legs agree with me tomorrow.
There are also some promising signs that spring may be on it's way. Temperatures were in the double digits today and on the plus side to boot! The sun is also beginning to feel like it has a little more strength in it and did a good job polishing off the last of the snow. I am really hopeful that I can get on the roads pretty soon with the bike. The trainer rides, while highly efficient and effective, do start to wear a little thin right about now. As much as I despise fighting the wind outside, I am actually looking forward to it now.
So while this week won't be the banner week I was looking for to kick off the final phase of training, it will have to do. I am feeling optimistic about the next few weeks and I should be able to start making up some ground.
I just got a bunch of new books from Chapters this week so I will fill you in once I start reading them. I just started reading "The Logic of Life - The rational economics of an irrational world", by Tim Harford. It looks interesting and appears to be an easy read.
Have a great week!


Jamie said...

Hope you feel better. Perhaps it'll be the final wave of being sick for the season with today being spring!

Love2Run said...

You can't get sick now that spring is finally here! It certainly doesn't slow your paces down much. Good luck with the training.