Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Final Struggle

Trying to get geared up for the race now is becoming a daily struggle. My workouts are a real chore to complete which is rarely the case for me. Obviously the stresses of the last few months have caught up with me, but it is really an inopportune time. Between the wedding preparations, the wedding itself and some of the family events that went on around it, I am toast.
This morning I tried to ride before I head into the city to take my in-laws back and it was a waste of time. My legs felt like stone and I just couldn't get any flow to happen at all. As with every training cycle I always come up short on the biking component. Without beating the subject to death, I am a runner first and still struggle with the bike. Between the less then optimum weather and the inconvenience of having to load my bike up in the truck to ride anywhere, I just don't enjoy it. I have managed to get through the races on sheer will power, but that will only get you so far. If I am ever to really improve I need to get some real cycling done.
Okay, so that is my rant for today. Time to suck it up, put all the crap I have been dealing with behind me, and get ready for IM Coeur d'Alene! No excuses, no complaints, just get my ass in the water on June 21 and take it from there. Hopefully after the weekend I will feel refreshed and get that final ride in that will boost my confidence. All I can do is hope!
Have a great weekend!


Love2Run said...

I thought you were moving back to the city/town where the cycling might be a little easier to do. Good luck getting your act together :-)

Grellan said...

The work is done Garry, time to relax now and look forward to enjoying Coeur d'Alene.

Perhaps if you could find a group/cycling club to go out on the bike with it might take the edge off a bit.

Becky H said...

Hey Garry- just thought I'd check in and see how your race prep is going... not the blog I was expecting to read!?! Good luck with your final preparations! You may not be going in with the sort of training you'd hoped to accomplish, but you're going to a beautiful race venue, you've put in many hours of hard training over the months- enjoy the race!!