Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'll Get the Race I Deserve

First off thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement after my less than positive post last week. I had my brief visit to "Pity City" and now I am pumped and ready to go!
The title of my post is actually a twist on a quote I read a while ago which said "You live the life you deserve." So I modified it to fit my situation but I think an interpretation of the original quote is in order.
I can't remember the author of the quote, but I recall initially after reading it that it was pretty harsh. How can people who have unfortunate things happen to them deserve it? But after thinking a little more about, that is not really the proper context to view the quote it. It more or less understands that some people have bad hands dealt to them in life and it is how you handle them that determines the life you deserve. Yesterday would have been my Dad's eighty second birthday. He was a classic example of a guy who lived the life he deserved. Right to the very end of his life he was kind, polite and a gentlemen even though he was suffering with a terminal disease. And in return he was surrounded by people who would do anything to help him in any situation.
Now to apply this to my race. I will get the race I deserve based on the training I have done and the preparations I have made. If the conditions are bad (windy, rainy, etc.) I will get the best race I can out of those circumstances. So at the end of the day, wherever I took a short cut or didn't put the effort in, I will get the result I deserve. And now that I have reconciled myself to that I am feeling great about the race next weekend! It also didn't hurt that I had an amazing week of workouts leading up to this final rest week. Nothing like some positive training sessions to boost the confidence.
All that is left to do now is pack and get my bike in for one last tune up and I am good to go.
Have a great weekend!


Grellan said...

Bset of luck with your final week of preparation Garry. The important thing is that you'll get the race and I know you'll do good. ENJOY!

Love2Run said...

Hey Garry, I know you're going to have a blast and the weather is looking decent for you (no heat at least). Have a great race!!

Thomas said...

Good Luck. The thing about endurance sport is that you really tend to get out what you put in beforehand. Have a great race!

Love2Run said...

Great race there Garry! You busted 12 hours and seemed to be mowing down people the whole way after the swim. Can't wait for the report. Enjoy the 'pops'!