Sunday, June 28, 2009


The Sylvan Lake 1/2 Ironman is only 4 weeks away so any type of recovery will be abbreviated at best. But to be honest, I felt just wonderful since finishing IM Coeur d'Alene a week ago. I had my legs back in no time at all, and while I have not pushed it, I have went for 3 runs, 2 rides and a swim. Admittedly, by the later part of yesterday's 10K run, my legs were starting to feel tired. However, no pain, which is great.
Sylvan is always a great event so I am looking forward to it. As far as the race itself, I'm not quite sure how I will perform. I recall last year that only 5 weeks after Ironman Arizona I knocked off a 2:58 marathon at Red Deer, so that is definitely in the back of my mind. My PB at the 1/2 is on this course (5:11) so bettering that is certainly something I would like to do. But I'll just have to see how the training goes over the next couple of weeks.
The pictures from IM Coeur d'Alene are up if you are interested.

Have a great weekend!


Grellan said...

You certainly look very comfortable after 11 hours 50 minutes of non-stop pushing. Enjoy the build up to Sylvan Lake - all the groundwork is done.

Becky H said...

OMG... the pics of that swim start have me panicking a wee bit... you 'look' so relaxed in your pictures... yes I know only a snapshot in a very long day, but still.... great job once again!!

Garry said...

Thanks Grellan, it is surprising how you just get settled in and relax. Not saying it's not hard work, but it is not what you would think.

Garry said...

Becky, the start is not as intimidating as it looks. You just look for a place to get started and then go. Unless you're planning to win, you're not going to lose a lot of time. I think I was really in a zone on race day. Relaxed and really focusing on being in the moment.