Monday, November 8, 2010

The World's Toughest Triathlon

Well this year's version of the Silverman did not disappoint! Without a doubt this was the most difficult endurance event I have done to date. The course was an absolute bear! The climbs on this course were incredible. But it was extremely scenic.
I would have to say I executed my race plan almost flawlessly with the exception of one small change at the end. Normally for nutrition I mix my carbo pro with crystal lite, but this time I bought pre-mixed stuff. It was thick and tasted like cough syrup. I believe that is what gave me the tummy troubles on the run.
Once I return home I will give a little more detailed race report.
My time was 13:15 which was great given the course and conditions and I managed to finish second in my age group.

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Becky H said...

Been waiting for a race report- great job!! You completed THE toughest Ironman course, how will you top that one!?!