Monday, November 22, 2010

After Thoughts

After another week to let the events of November 7th soak in, I'm feeling more pleased with my results. The race was a bear I kid you not, but what really has given me the most satisfaction is the feeling that I really am learning how to do these events. My race plan was executed as well as I could have hoped for with the exception of the poor choice of race nutrition.
So what do I think the keys were. Number one is I really have learned to stay in the moment. Of all the advice I could give to anyone wanting to do triathlon, that would be the single most important piece I could pass on. When you think of what you are planning to put your body through, be it a sprint, olympic, half or full ironman, the distances seem daunting. And I think that is where most people get themselves overwhelmed is in thinking of the total distance. Triathlon is three separate events, and quite possibly 5 if you think of the transitions as another event. Learning to break the race into it's components and focus on one piece at a time is critical to having a satisfying event. If you start thinking about the run as you enter the water, there is probably a high probability you're going to have a long day. However if you are thinking about that first stroke of the swim and how you are going to try and make it as effortless and smooth as possible, chances are you have your head in the right space. Each stroke of the swim, revolution of the pedal on the bike, and stride on the run needs to be done with purpose and in it's own moment. Experience of doing these events is the best way to learn it and I really feel that I finally pulled it all together at Silverman. I never got ahead of myself once, and despite the discomfort at some junctures, was able to enjoy each piece of the day. Now I'm just wondering if I enjoyed it enough to take another run at the Silverman!
Have a great day!

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