Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Biscuits 'n Gravy

Ever wonder why a large majority of the population (especially in the U.S.) is overweight. Look no further then your neighbourhood Waffle House! On day one of our vacation, after a brief 5 hour rest, everyone was up and ready to get moving. The sun was shining and it was already 22 C. No use wasting a nice day in bed.

Being the first one up and about, I showered and dressed and headed out the door to scout out the area. The hotel had a little continental breakfast thing going on, but I knew the crew would want something more substantial, so I headed out to check the immediate area. No sooner had I left the front door then there it was "THE WAFFLE HOUSE". No need to go any further that is where we are going!

Back up I go, and by that time everyone else is ready to go. So we are off to the restaurant next door to get a good hearty breakfast.

Once we get in you can see that this is a bustling place. There are two cooks going full speed, another three waitresses are moving the orders out faster than John Daley can chug a beer, and a third lady seems to have the job of yelling the orders in at the top of her lungs. All in all a very busy place.

We find a table and scan the menu. What will it be? Pancakes? Some eggs? Perhaps a Belgian Waffle covered in strawberries? There are lots of good things on the menu for sure. When our waitress arrives to start pouring the first of the several cups of coffee, I ask her what is good on the menu. "The biscuits 'n gravy are real good!" she replies. Biscuits 'n gravy?.....for breakfast?.....what is that about! So out of curiosity you have to wonder what the gravy is made out of. Sausage. A white gravy made with sausage...how do you even do that? Does that mean you could make gravy with bacon? Obviously she thinks I could use the extra calories or that I want to commit suicide by lethal ingestion. I'll pass on that and go for the breakfast sandwich!

Anyway we had a good laugh about that and it certainly explained the girth of a large number of the customers.

Today I probably could have used some biscuits and gravy as it was a tough couple of workouts.

At lunch I did the Robb Road hill and continued on to the Cold Creek Road which is 3.5 miles pretty much all uphill. It is a good steady grade and you really have to "lean in to it", to climb it. In total I ended up with 8.14 miles in 58:00 flat. Coming downhill I must have looked like a cartoon character as I am sure my legs were ahead of the rest of me on a few occasions. Several times when I would look at my pace I was below 6:00 minute pace.

Tonight I did a 2 hour ride to a new Spinerval DVD I just got, 15.0 Have Mercy, "The Sequel". It is a real tough interval workout and it took all I had to finish the whole thing. Ended up with 2:10 and just a shade under 40 miles. My butt is a little sore right now!

Tomorrow will be an easy day as I have to head over to our sawmill in Whitecourt for the day. Hopefully I will be able to slot in a run if I don't get home too late.

Have a great day!

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