Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Spin

Today was an "all bike" day. I got up early knowing that I had a fairly long ride to do, but also knowing that it was time to do a little bike maintenance as well. Not necessarily my favourite thing to do, but an important part of being a cyclist. It is especially important when you are riding lots of miles on a trainer. Even with wiping the bike down and keeping it clean there is still a lot of sweat that gets onto the bike and is very corrosive.
So this morning I cleaned and oiled everything and now it is looking nice and shiny!
Then for the workout....54 miles in just over 3 hours. Including warm up and cool down this was a great workout. I rode to a 2 hour Spinveral DVD and then I just picked some of the sets I liked and did them over again. Nice smooth riding form and managed an average cadence of 90 RPM.
Yesterday was an 8.5 mile run in just under an hour. So I met my target for last week and I am well on the way for this week.
Hope you had a great weekend!


Love2Run said...

I thought I once saw a trainer picture with some kind of a terry sweat shield over it. What do you do about the smelly air? When I use our treadmill in the basement there are issues about airing things out after.

Keith power said...

we don't sweat?