Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Easing into the holidays

As previously mentioned the next two weeks will be lower hours as I take a breather for some vacation. I will still get in some running and swimming, but it will be minimal. One of the key things I have learned over the years is that if you are going to rest, rest hard! For any endurance athlete rest is a key component of any plan and often overlooked. We are always focused on getting that extra workout in and add a couple extra miles to the run or bike. In reality though, most of these added miles and workouts really add little or no value. Training effectively is paramount in preparing for an IM. There is no room for wasted effort and every workout has to be done with purpose and the understanding of how it gets you through the 140.6 miles on race day. You have to know when to go hard and when to go easy, devoting the proper time to each discipline, and within each discipline, focusing appropriately on technique, distance, speed, and recovery. A veritable balancing act for sure, and one learned more through trial and error than from reading books. The books and articles give you some understanding of ways of achieving the end, but training is a personal thing, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for you. Learn what works for you and tinker with it to find the optimum.
Once I get back from holidays I will be into the final push for IM AZ. Right now I am right where I should be training wise. Everything has come together nicely and the adjustments I made to my schedule from last year's experience seem to be working. I have allocated considerably more time to the bike and despite having to do all my rides indoors, I have put in a lot of saddle time. The running and swimming are solid and no concerns at the moment. I will put in a few more long runs in the coming weeks, but for right now I am good. My one test long run of 17 miles in 2 hours has given me a good indication of my current level.
Over the last couple of days the workouts have been as follows:
Monday - 2,200 metre swim in 48:30
Tuesday - 1:10 minute ride (21 miles), and a 4.0 run in the evening
The plan for the week is for just over 9 hours and I am at 5 so far. I have a couple of travel days in there so that is why the hours are lower.
Have a great day!

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Love2Run said...

Have a nice holiday, I'm sure the break will do you good. Enjoy!