Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life without workouts....??

Just a question to ponder,"What would your life be without the activities you do?"
I thought about that tonight as I pounded out a 1 hour and 5 minute run on the treadmill.
Would I be a drinker? Maybe I would actually do some of the odd jobs around the house? Or perhaps I would come home, eat supper, paste my butt to the couch and watch television until I was so numb that I would go to bed, each and every night. Yikes! Perish the thought.
Personally I don't think I would be as effective a person as I am if I didn't do what I do. Today was a perfect example. My day starts at 6:30 a.m. with reviewing our less than stellar financial results for the month of January. No doubt this will result in more than one conversation with our folks in head office, so I get prepared for that. As soon as people start to roll into the office, I get wind of a potential union issue with an employee we have hired who is slated to start next week. A quick meeting with the supervisor and the union rep temporarily diffuses the issue...for now. Once I get back to my office the calls start from H.O., so I give them the low down on the month's results. It is what it is, and we will get the boat righted for February. I live by my father's words, "Never explain and never complain!"
The rest of the morning is spent getting things righted in my area for February! By 11:30 a.m., I am ready to hit the pool! The water is nice and warm and I love being the first one in, while it is perfectly still. For some reason those first few laps by yourself seem so effortless and relaxing. By the time the other swimmers have arrived, I already have the best part of my warm up completed and I am in a groove. The core part of the workout goes well and before I know it I am cooling down. Workout for today was 600 metre warm up, 2 x 750 metre tempo swims, one with the pull buoy, and a 500 metre cool down. Quickly into the shower, change, and head back across the street to work.
When I get back to my office it is like I am starting the day fresh. The morning activities are all in perspective and I am ready to go again. It's times like these that I feel I have an advantage over everyone else because of the break. After a quick lunch at my desk, I am back at it. Meetings with the sawmill manager to discuss some of the issues facing them and their dismal results, and then it is off to one of my supervisor's offices to review an incident investigation. After that it is a conference call to hammer out the details of a consulting arrangement we are negotiating and then, lo and behold it is quitting time. The day has flown by and I see other people dragging their butts out of the office, probably to go home, have a few beers, and complain about the tough day they had. Not me! I'm munching on a Power Bar and drinking some water as I head home to hop on the treadmill and run a little over 9 miles.
I think I like the path I have chosen better than the options. While I am never going to win the Boston Marathon, or Iron Man Hawaii, the benefits of this lifestyle have made for a very great life. And I believe most people who participate in these activities would say the same. I just feel sorry for all the rest!
Other items of interest: Yesterday's workout - 2 hour bike ride - 35.5 miles, 89 rpm, felt very strong.
New music on the iPod - One Republic (not bad), Sheryl Crow, an old Derek and the Dominos album, and Gov't Mule (Warren Haynes of Allman Brothers)
Books: Still reading East of the Sun (this is going to take awhile), and I am also reading a Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett.
Have a great day!

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Keith power said...

Iam disappointed to hear that your not going to win any major events. I had my money on you