Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Green Binder

The Green Binder is where I store all the tid-bits of training information and plans that I come across over the years. And it is invariably where I turn to when I struggle with getting myself on track. As mentioned in my last post I was at that point a week or so ago and so I dug the old binder out and started looking through it again.
What I was looking for was just to introduce a little more variety into some of my workouts, especially around the swim. As is always the case, we tend to start doing the same thing over and over again because it is either easy or because we can’t think of anything else to do. More than likely I was in the latter camp, as I just wanted to get the metres logged.
Now, armed with some new options, the first couple swims this week have been much more challenging and enjoyable. The funny thing is sometimes it is just some small little changes that make a world of difference. Giving yourself some options as far as distance or choice of stroke or using a swim aide, all can contribute to making the session different and more enjoyable. One of the key concepts to any work out success is based on the 4 “S’s”. Basically this rule of thumb is that you need to cover off four elements in a coaching plan:
Self directed – you have to feel you are somewhat in control of the planned workout
Sensory – there should be things in the work out to stimulate the senses, be it visual, auditory or feel
Social – try and make it involve other people
Success – structure the workout so that you will achieve a measure of success when you are done. This can be done in a variety of ways but generally if you give yourself a range of outcomes you can ensure a measure of satisfaction when you are done.
So this week I have been thinking about making sure my workouts have some or all of the elements.
Monday – Swam 2,400 metres – 51:33 – Ran 6.25 miles – 41:36
Tuesday – Swam 2,600 metres – 1 hour
Wednesday – Ran 6.2 miles – 45:15 – Biked 21.1 miles – 1:05
Thursday – Swam 2,200 metres 46:43 – Ran 7.5 miles – 50:57
The week has gone good with a good mix of workouts so far and a variety of intensities. The weekend I will focus on bike work and at least one long run.
Have a great day!


Love2Run said...

It's a good idea to change things up a bit. I'll be adding a few twists to my plan as well to keep it fun and interesting. And those are speedy runs as always!

Thomas said...

That must be one big binder by now if you have kept adding bits for years...