Monday, February 23, 2009

Last Week

It’s been well over a week since I have had time to jot down some thoughts on my training. Things have been quite hectic with the arrival of our latest addition to the family. He is a bouncing 180 pound, thin haired, 47 year old boy! Actually my younger brother, Blair is living with us and working in our plant. It is great having him here and he is no trouble at all. Actually because he is quite handy I am expecting I will get a lot of nagging little jobs completed around the house. Also last week was Reading Week for the University of Alberta so Francesca was home for the week as well. When she comes home, the house just bustles with activity as she is on the go all the time and always after us to do things with her.
Workout wise I short changed myself a little bit as I had to defer a couple workouts. The pool has been crazy busy lately so I only got 2 and a bit of a swim done. On Friday I got too frustrated and cut short my swim after 14 minutes. First off someone was in my lane and then we ended up with six in the lane that I had to go in. Just too much bother dodging people and I couldn’t get into my workout at all. I did manage two other decent swims of 2,500 metres and 2,250 metres respectively.
Monday I did a good brick workout, completing 18 miles on the bike and then pounding out 4.6 miles in 30 minutes flat. Tuesday was a one of the swims and a 10 k run. There was nothing really special about the run other than I have been feeling really strong. Wednesday and Thursday I biked and also did a good long hill run. The hill run was just a course I chose which covered a lot of elevation. Friday I had the abbreviated swim and then did nothing in the evening. We ended up going out for sushi with Blair and Francesca. It was fun and the food was great as usual.
Saturday I went for a run on the trails. I thought the footing would be better because of the long stretch of warm weather but they were still icy. It took me 1 hour and 25 minutes to cover 10.5 miles as I spent a lot of time dancing around puddles and ice slicks. It was still a nice run, just really slow.
Sunday was the end of Francesca’s break and we drove her back to the city. The weather was nice which made for an easy ride.
I have re-jigged my loose plan this week as I found I was getting a bit too caught up in the running and not getting enough cycling in. The plan I have has better defined cycling workouts so that may help me get better focused.
Have a great week!

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Jamie said...

Good training past several days! And spring is right around the corner... good times ahead!