Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Winter!

"Got a little chilly comin' through the pass, huh Harry?"

The weather here over the last few days has just sucked. Between gale force winds and snow it feels like we have been drawn back into the depths of winter. I don't often let these things get to me, but this is really been a royal pain in the ass!
Sunday I tried to ride outside but after 3 miles into a head wind that was pushing my bike all over the place I ended up coming home and riding on the trainer. Average pace out 13 MPH, average pace on the way home 35 MPH! Crazy!
Yesterday was even more bizarre as the snow started and just kept coming. So it was on the trainer for 3 hours. I am pretty disciplined but this is getting tough.
All things considered, though I am feeling confident with my training. I could always have done more, but why? June 21 I will know if I did enough.
Have a great day!

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