Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 142 Birthday Canada!

It's Canada Day today and I am enjoying a nice day at home.
The last few months have been action packed with the wedding, the training and then the actual race. But it has all been good. Isn't that what life is all about? Living.
Today we get to count our blessings for living in this wonderful country. And to be sure, it is not perfect, but given the alternatives I am perfectly fine here. Last year at this time I did my little "10 Reasons why I am proud to be a Canadian" and all those reasons still stand.
Happy 142nd Birthday Canada!
I have been reading some of the other race reports from CDA and it is interesting reading other people's perspectives on the race. Shawn and Carrie's report on Tri to Be Funny is really great as you get perspectives from a first timer and a veteran. I saw Carrie just coming out of transition on the run and she looked great and ended up with an unbelievable time of 11:46 or so and Shawn also had a great day coming in just over 14 hours. Great job!
My thoughts now are on doing some shorter races over the summer and then look towards a fall marathon. Victoria is always a good choice but I may try something new as I have done that one three times. Seattle may be a good one to try.
I am definitely up to do another Ironman and since I turn 50 next year I think I want to do one I haven't done before. Maybe something a little more exotic! I'll keep my eyes open and see what the options look like. If I haven't decided by August I will go to Penticton to sign up for Ironman Canada. That is a very challenging race and actually not that far to go.
This weekend Angela and I are going to spend the weekend in Radium Hot Springs. Through all the training she is always my biggest supporter and puts up with the inevitable crankiness as I get close to race day. I can't thank her and the kids enough for their support. You certainly don't make the commitment and succeed without that kind of help.
Enjoy Canada Day and have a great week!

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Love2Run said...

Happy Canada Day Garry! Have a nice break at the Springs ;-)