Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PB in Sylvan Lake

Just a quick update on my weekend race in Sylvan Lake.
I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my last post, but I was having a calf problem that looked like it may be a show stopper. However I did the Trigger Point Massager, lots of ibuprofen and adjusted my race goals and decided to go on with the race.
Sylvan is a half iron man so my adjusted goals were to really put some effort into the swim, bike hard, and hang on for the run. Not expecting too much as I really just wanted to get through. If I toe the starting line I am going to finish, plain and simple. While DNF's are a reality when you really hurt yourself, I have seen a number of cases where people just drop out because it wasn't going to be their day, or they weren't going to run a PB. Lame excuses at best! I think it is a very selfish when you think of all the time you put into the training, taking time away from your loved ones, to just quit cause it's not your day. It would be a different story if you are running for your pay cheque and had to save it for another day, but most of us aren't. So, without even asking, you got my opinion on DNF's!
The moral of this story is sometimes you can adjust your goals and still achieve significant achievements.
Things didn't look so great on the morning of the race as the sky was black and thunder and lightening was all around. However, after a 45 minute delay and a change to the swim course we were in the water. The course was changed to a two loop from a single loop as they wanted to concentrate the volunteers on a smaller area because of the choppy conditions. My swim was tough but I PB'ed by almost six minutes completing the 1.9 KM in 34 minutes. The course was supposed to be 2.0 KM, but it was short by about 70 metres. Even at that I still would have had a major time improvement.
Next up was the bike and after a screwed up transition I was out on the roads and riding very comfortably. The wind was a bit of a challenge but the nature of the course makes it that you are never riding into it for too long. After the 90 KM route I was showing 2:47 and an average speed of just over 20 MPH, another PB.
Last up was the run. Generally my strongest suit, but I knew that I was going to have to watch my leg. I was already feeling it a bit on the bike, but I was still confident that I could get through the 21 KM route without too much walking. In transition I gulped down some water and a couple of Advil and headed out. I quickly found a comfortable pace that I knew was a little slow but sustainable and settled in. After about 1 KM I hooked up with Ross from Lloydminster and he was my saviour. The calf was fine on the flat roads, but when we went off road or on any uneven surface it flared up immediately. When we got to 4 KM I was starting to suffer and wonder if I was going to get through without some major walking. Ross just kept chatting away with me and before you know it I am coming up to the 9 KM mark. Just about through the first half and I am still running. The next half was tough, but still the talking with my new found friend seemed to help keep my mind off the discomfort I was feeling. As it turned out he was 50 so in the next age category so we didn't even have to sprint it out to settle our placing. We ended up strolling through the finish and he had to go back to see what our time was!
Final time 5:08:49 a new personal best and renewed hope of posting a sub 5 hour half. I was 8th in my age while Ross was 2nd in his with a PB of 21 minutes better than his best.
A very successful day over all and now I will give my tired old leg some time to heal.
Have a great day!


Grellan said...

Fantastic result Gerry. A 6 minute PB on the swim is very impressive - you must be doing somethiong right. Well done.

Love2Run said...

Great job! Imagine doing the run without your new found buddy to distract you. Rest up that leg now will ya!

Grellan said...

"Garry" sorry - what a difference a letter makes

Becky H said...

I thought your race time was fantastic... especially with an injury!!