Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired Legs or Old Legs?

Ever since IM CDA the legs just don't seem to have any jump in them. They don't feel particularly tired but they just don't want to respond when I try and push the pace. So is it just some residual fatigue from the race or is it just time catching up to me. Over the last few years I have noticed a slight decrease in my overall average pace which is to be expected. Oh well, nothing to get too excited about, I'm still enjoying my runs and that is the main thing.
The last week or so has been devoted to working on some skills in the pool and on the bike.
I was somewhat disappointed with my swim in Coeur d'Alene as I felt that I had improved my swimming. On reflection I would say I just didn't push hard enough. I am content to settle into a spot and just get through this portion of the race. This last while I have been really concentrating on just trying to swim faster and my strategy on race day will be the same.
On the cycling side I have been really focusing some more on using the mechanical components of the bike to make things easier. I have my bike computer back so I can get some feedback again which is nice. A good cyclist is really working his gearing constantly to maintain optimum speed and cadence. In Ironman last month I really felt that I did a better job of this as I was riding exclusively by feel and was using my gearing to keep things steady.
The Sylvan Lake race is less than 2 weeks away and while my running legs seem a little tired, everything else is in good shape. I am really looking forward to this event and hope to achieve some personal goals which won't totally be reflected in my finishing time.
Have a great week!


Becky H said...

I'm starting to get nervous for next weekend... the weather forecast looks HOT!!! But... that's out of my control, I'll just have to race to the best I can!! The lake was COLD two weeks ago.. so it'll feel great once we're done running!! I had a chance to check out the bike course as well, it's challenging, but who wants an EASY bike Perhaps I will see you next weekend!! If not, best of luck!!

Garry said...

No need to be nervous. I've seen via ontri that you are doing the right workouts. Just remember to stay in the moment, don't be thinkin about the bike while you're swimming or the run while you're biking. The nice thing about the bike course is if there is any wind you're going to get a lot of different looks at it since the route changes direction a lot. I'm sure I will see you there as it is not a very big field. Good luck!