Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bike Breakdown

Most of my workouts now kind of feel like I am going through the motions. I spend most of the time thinking about how I will do certain things under competition conditions. So I think that is a good thing, my body is ready and now I am getting my head into it.
Tuesday was a day off that was unplanned. My run at lunch got cancelled because of an issue at work that required me to be at the plant. No problem, I still need to work to pay for my hobby so if they need me here I better be here!
When I got home in the evening my plan called for an easy 1 hour bike ride. Having missed my lunch workout I thought I could do a brick and make up for it. Unfortunately once I got on the bike I noticed some real nasty noise coming from my crank. After taking the bike off the trainer and checking things out it looks like I have some bad bearings. Great! Now I had to get my Cervelo down, and get it prepared to go on the trainer for a little while. That took some time as I had to move over the electronics from the road bike to the tri-bike. Then I had an issue with my tire rubbing and had to make some other adjustments. Finally it was ready to go......but I wasn't and that is why it ended up as a day off!
Yesterday I did 2,400 metres in the pool in a little over 50 minutes. The swimming is in fine shape right now. No blazing speed, but a good strong stroke and I am very comfortable in the water.
The evening was a 12 mile easy run, which felt harder than it was. It was over a lot of different terrain and conditions which seemed to take it's toll on my legs and joints. I'm feeling a little better this morning, but I sure was in some discomfort last night.
It is the Easter weekend coming up and I am looking forward to our University student coming home for a long weekend. It will be nice to have the kids around for a couple of days.
Have a great day!


Love2Run said...

No make sure you practice changing flats on the fly! The last few weeks get pretty antsy don't they? I'd like to see some predictions on some of your split times. Can I offer a guess for a 3:20-3:30 for the marathon portion?

Keith power said...

Well rest your legs, and hide your eggs, then it will be workout in it self finding them??? Anyway have a great easter say hi to the rest of the gang. Kept up the great training.