Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Reluctant Taperer(?)

Yes, I am tapering, but as suggested in the title, somewhat reluctantly. This has never been one of my strong suits and I continue to struggle with the feeling that I need to be doing more. But I am doing well and following the plan, a total of just over 8 hours for last week and about the same planned for this week.
I am feeling very good these days and the workouts I have been doing have helped to instill confidence that I have executed a good program. My legs feel fresh and strong and currently I am feeling very relaxed and have somewhat of a race day plan mapped out in my head. One of the unfortunate things about all the indoor training is the lack of ability to really do a dry run at the transitions. I would have liked to have tried a couple of swim to bike transitions as getting out of a wet, wetsuit is different than just doing a dry run. The advantage at the race is that there are "strippers" there to help you and once you know the routine it can be fairly quick. When I get to Tempe on Friday prior to the race I will have a chance to do an open water swim or two which will help the confidence as well.
Race day temperatures are probably my biggest concern right now. The weather has been warm in Arizona lately with day time highs hitting around 28 C. That, for me, is a problem. I don't have a very good thermostat and I tend to overheat. Extreme attention to hydration and the electrolyte balance will be crucial. And of course, with the heat you have to make the proper adjustments to pace. Take it out too hard and there is a good chance you will be a laying in the fetal position on the side of the road. Patience and taking what the day gives you will be the principles to follow.
Friday I brought the bike into the shop in the city and had a complete stem to stern check up. New tires, tubes and tapes as well as a few minor brake and cable adjustments and I am good to go. The new tires are Fortezza Quattro tri comp and are extremely durable so punctures should not be a problem.

Workouts for the last couple of days went as follows:

Thursday - 9 mile run in 1:05 followed by a 2,000 metre swim

Friday - off, took the bike into Edmonton

Saturday - 1 hour 30 minute run - 12.5 miles

Today will probably be a bike ride.

Pictures today are from the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park. We were in there yesterday to start the plans for Nicholas and Nicole's wedding on May 28,2009. Because it is a popular venue you have to start early so we are doing just that. It is a beautiful spot and they have chosen Pyramid Lake Lodge as the place for everything.

This week will be another 8 - 10 hour week with another couple of forced days off as I have to go to Calgary for eye appointments.

Have a great week!


Love2Run said...

Am I right in that it maybe warm but not humid and so you can be cooled by the water on you? And don't forget all those rides you did indoors where it must have been on the warm side. Taper well!

Becky H said...

I sighed when I saw your picture of Jasper, I'm jealous that you live so close!! Good that you're taking your own advice, I'd have a hard time too, taking my training back down, it does feel all wrong!!

J. Garry Power said...

It is great being close to the park.
Tapering is the toughest part of the whole thing. You know it is the right thing to do, but you still would like to get one more quality work out in!