Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring has Sprung?

From all appearances it looks like spring has arrived. But I’m not going to get fooled again this year. After eight years of living here, I know that we are going to get at least one more taste of winter. It could come at any time, so I am not going to get too excited about doing all the spring chores. And that’s not just an excuse not to do them either!
That aside, the weather has been great as of late. Lots of sunshine and temperatures in the six to ten degree Celsius range, which has gotten rid of the majority of the snow. Not that we had a whole lot of snow, but it is still nice to see bare ground.
Yesterday’s workout was a good test and a confidence booster. I came home early from work and started with a long ride on the trainer. The workout went for 3 hours and 33 minutes (almost 65 miles) of a planned 4 hours when I developed a flat. At this point in the ride I was not in the mood for repairing a tire, so I jumped off the trainer and hit the treadmill for a 10 km run in a brisk 45 minutes. My legs felt awesome and I was holding back from cranking it up another notch. Now I know that everything changes on race day, but I was happy on how smooth my transition went from bike to run. In Arizona I hope to run in the 8:00 to 8:30 / mile pace in the run. If I can hold that I should have a pretty decent day. On the nutrition side, during yesterday’s workout I drank six bottles of Gatorade, ate 2 bananas, 2 blueberry bagels, and a PowerBar. I am really considering the bagels for race day as it was satisfying to have something substantial to chew on. Also I didn’t get the “Gatorade” belly I normally get. So I am going to try that one more time and see if the results are consistent.
The weekend should be relatively quiet, with mostly recovery work today and perhaps a longish run tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

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