Sunday, March 23, 2008

Three weeks from now.....

I hope to be either finished or be very close to finishing my second IM race. Man, where has the time gone! It doesn't seem like that long ago I was starting to chart my course for this race and now I am down to the final weeks. Incredible!
The last few days have been a bit of a struggle from a focus and workout perspective. I have lacked motivation to get out and do my training this weekend. Friday was a great 2 hour and 50 minute brick workout, with a long, hard ride followed by an hour plus, run. Felt great at the time. However, Saturday I hemmed and hawed all day about doing a long run until I ended up running out of time. Wasted a very nice day, and paid for it today as it was cool when I got up to go. Didn't eat, didn't drink and then wondered why after a mere 4.5 miles I headed home! Sometimes I can do really dumb things!!
Anyway the weekend is behind me and I have one more week of longish efforts and then it will be into rest and tapering. The left Achilles is still barking at me every once and awhile so it will be good to have a bit of time to heal. Went to my Doc on Tuesday last week for a pre-race check up and everything is good to go. Although he did recommend that I actually start tapering this week as he said the Achilles actually needs some time to heal. I am fortunate to have a doctor that is also a very good triathlete and understands the sport and the athletes. He is a marathon runner and usually does the half IM in Stony Plain every year and does quite well.
So as time ticks down there are just a few remaining preparations. I want to do one more long run and one more long ride and then I will be ready to rest. Hopefully I will get those in this week and then I will start doing lots of stretching, massaging, and easy efforts just to stay loose. Realistically what I do over the next while will have little or no effect on the race.
Have a great day!


Keith power said...

Garry At this point in time you have to listen to the Quote by George Sheedan : Listen to your body. Do not be a blind and deaf tenant.
Best to go into the event HEALTHY, your going to feel bad enough at the finish let alone the start.

Anyway your ready to kick ass

Love2Run said...

All you can do now is stay healthy and resist the urge to overdo it and leave your race somewhere on the training road/pool. Taper time can be stressful in it's own way. Wish I lived closer and could come cheer you on. Take care.