Monday, March 17, 2008


I’m not big on making predictions about how I will perform on race day. There are far too many variables that I can’t control that will have a significant impact on my finishing time, so I am best not to even go there. Now having said that, there is always a number lurking somewhere in the recesses of your mind, that if everything went well may be achievable. I’ll let you know after the race how close I was to that time.
After my long workout on Friday, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. On Saturday I got all ready to go for a run, when I stopped myself to try and figure out the purpose of what the workout would do for me. I had done over 13 hours for the week, 5 hours the day before and here I was ready to head out the door for another run. Not being able to come up with a good answer, I came back in, poured some more coffee and read a good book. Later in the day I did some really good stretching and spent some quality time with my Trigger Point massager working on the Achilles and soleus.
Sunday I did an easy 9.5 miles in 1:08:52. I was going to do 11.0, but I got a little distracted and ended up cutting it short. At this point in the program I don't feel all that bad about doing an abbreviated workout. If I had 14 weeks to go it would be a different story.
Legs felt good and strong and my form was nice and relaxed.
Today I did 2,700 metres at lunch time. Lots of work with the pull buoy as I continue to try and replicate the position my body will assume with my wet suit on. The lengths really seemed to fly by today, once I got into a rhythm. Swimming is something that has really grown on me and I enjoy the tired feeling you get after a good workout. It is not like the bike or a run where you generally hurt a little bit after a tough session, but a more gentle, total body tiredness.
This evening was a tempo / hill climbing session on the bike. One hour of solid big gear work and at a steady rate. Cadence was around 80 RPM for the whole climb which I was pleased with. End result was 20.4 miles.
Have a great day!

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