Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tax Time

You know how it goes, the mechanic has the worst running car, the carpenter's house needs the most repairs, and the accountant who files his taxes at 8:00 PM on April 30th. You may not have heard about the last one, but guess who just finished and filed his taxes, Joseph G. Power, CGA, MBA, CPA!!! Yes I am the accountant who waits to the very last minute to frantically get those taxes off to the government. Damn, I hate doing them. I hate it even worse when I have to pay the MAN!!! At least it is done for another year and I have 364 days to plan how to not make this happen again next year.
On the good news side, I finally splurged and bought a pair of the Newton running shoes. I tried them last year in Cour d'Alene and was intrigued but couldn't part with the money. I saw them again this year in Arizona, and again, couldn't part with the money (see I am an accountant!!). However, I had been looking at them on their website and finally decided to break the bank and buy them. If you check out the website you can see what their claim to fame is. There is a bit of an adjustment period with them but since I run on my forefoot I am not expecting too steep a curve.
As I start into a new phase of training I am going to try and become a little more disciplined with a few things. The biggest one is spending more time stretching. I stretch, but still not enough, and I need to spend the time after workouts to properly treat my muscles and tendons.
The other thing is I need to follow my running program a little closer and put a little more effort into some of my workouts. As I worked on other areas of my training I kind of let the running slip knowing that it is my strongest event. However, I still need to work at it and if I have designs on running a decent marathon this year it will take a little more effort.
This week I have started the training for a summer time half ironman. So far this week I have swam twice, 2,100 metres on Monday and 1,650 today, and two runs of 6.5 miles and 6 miles respectively. The legs are still a little cranky, but after a warm up, they seem to be okay.
I have introduced more drills into my swimming already as well. Back to some of the basic drills that I learned in the Total Immersion program which I had stopped doing. They are critical to good form but tend to get forgotten as you try and start picking up the metres.
Hope you have your taxes done!!!
Pictures from Ironman Arizona are located here. Bib #1635
Have a great day!

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