Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Very Busy Week

This past week has been an extremely busy one, with limited time available for training.
However, I did manage to swim twice, run four times and bike once, so it wasn't a week of nothing. The workouts have been low key as I just contiue to recover and think about what I do next. It seems when you have a certain level of fitness you want to use it. Unfortunately, it is still early as far as the triathlon season, and there are not a whole lot of events right now. The weather has also been less then co-operative and we have had snow just about every day since we got back from Arizona. The hope had been that when we got back, spring would be in full swing up here, but that has not been the case. This weekend we are starting to see a glimmer of hope that spring may actually come.
Work has been crazy as I have had two of my key people recruited away to other companies. With the economy of Alberta being so hot, and the shortage of professionals, it is difficult to keep your people. In addition, the forestry business is not the easiest to attract people to, so we have our challenges trying to bring in new talent. So I have been very busy, trying to cover off the extra duties as well as look after my own stuff.
In the month of April I have put over 15,000 kms on my vehicle and this week I contributed by making two trips into Edmonton. Wednesday we were in to pack up Francesca and bring her home for the summer. She is now finished year two at the University of Alberta and I can still hardly believe how quickly it has gone. She did extremely well again this year, but was happy to come home for the summer and get looked after by Mom and Dad. We are very fortunate in that she has a great summer job working at the pulp mill and makes very good money.
Then, yesterday I had to make another trip in as Francesca was flying to Vancouver to visit a friend for a few days prior to starting work. So that will mean I will have to go back and pick her up on Tuesday. Lots of travel, but I don't mind.
In the upcoming week I hope to start sorting out my training plans again and get back to work. My recovery went excellent and I really suffered no lasting issues from the race. I am keen to get going again and have a couple of events in my sights. The weather also appears to be taking a turn for the better so with any luck more of my riding can happen outside.
Have a great weekend!


Becky H said...

I hear you about this disappointing weather... I'm going to attempt my first outdoor rid eof the year later today... hope it stays nice!!

Tri to Be Funny said...

I feel your passion about not wanting to waste the fitness levels we've achieved through training. It would seem like such a waste to get lazy now when the weather is just beginning to turn! I've got two Half IMs lined up this summer and possibly a Nov/Dec marathon. I am looking forward to not putting as many hours into it as I have been!

It's hard to come down from the high, isn't it?!