Saturday, July 19, 2008

3 Days Grace

That's the name of one of my favourite Canadian bands as well as what I have given myself over the last three days. Three days of absolutely nothing! As I read in one of my triathlon training guides, when you rest, rest hard! And that is what I have done. No swimming, no biking, no running, just rest. And you know what, it has felt pretty darn good. The Achilles have responded very well to the rest and I am no longer hobbling around for the first half hour in the morning. Yes you can call me stupid for having let it go this far and that would be fair. Smart and Garry are not often used in the same sentence so I deserve it. Also I am the first to tell other people to rest and take it easy, but it doesn't apply to me. So bottom line the rest appears to be having the desired effect and now I just need to decide when I should venture out again. Maybe this morning for just a short little run, say three miles or so.
The visit with my in-laws has been great. Lots of great meals and some quality family time together. My father-in-law has been busy doing lawn repairs and that has been very helpful. This afternoon we will be heading back into Edmonton so they can catch a 10:00 flight tomorrow morning. We will do an overnighter in the city so that we can help them get to the airport in the morning. Then we can take a few hours to cruise the mall and go for lunch before coming home and starting to get things back to normal.
Next week will be an easy week again and then it is off to Sylvan on Friday.
I haven't been reading much lately as it is difficult with company. However I have been reading a few guitar books and trying to learn a little more theory. I have played by ear most of my life but lately have become a lot more interested in the theory side.
Have a great weekend!

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Love2Run said...

Rest well so you can race hard! Good plan ;-)