Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Workouts

With the start of a bit of a taper, I don't feel so bad about only doing one workout a day. This weekend I was able to accomplish single workouts on both days, but they were both of decent quality.
Saturday I ran 13.2 miles in 1:35. Most of the route was on trails and the weather was relatively good for most of the run. It did heat up around the 9.5 mile mark, but within a half a mile I was back into some shaded areas so it didn't seem so bad. My pace was even and the Achilles were okay. Running on the softer trails was obviously a lot kinder to them then pounding on the pavement.
Sunday my outdoor ride got scrubbed due to threatening skies. In it's place I did a 25 mile workout on the trainer. I have a whack of Spinerval DVD's and today's was a triathlon specific workout focusing on leg speed and high cadence work. When I first started doing these I couldn't keep the cadence or gearing in the recommended ranges. Now I am able to keep right up and that is with relatively high tension on the trainer. After this workout my legs were pretty wobbly, but I felt good.
My week ended with 9 hours of training and that was with two goose eggs. This week I will try and keep it in the 8 to 9 hour range again. I would like to get a decent swim in, more from a confidence perspective than a conditioning one. The last two trips to the pool, while yielding decent distance and splits, have left me concerned about my stroke. It probably would be wise to spend one workout just working on drills to remind the muscles of what good technique feels like.
Have a great day!

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