Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Testing 1 -2 - 3

My test run on Saturday proved relatively successful, with only some minor discomfort in my lower legs. Of course, my 3 miler ended up being a 5.5 miler as once I got out I just couldn’t see myself stopping after 20 odd minutes and kept going until I had racked up 40 minutes. By and large I felt okay and I am confident I can hold things together for the race next Saturday.
Monday I finally had a good swim! It was an easy workout where I just focused on making sure my technique was sound. I managed to log 1,500 metres in around 30 minutes. In the afternoon I ran another 40 minutes and ended up with 5.7 miles. Achilles still are extremely tight, even after stretching.
This week will be a relatively light week with no significant workouts on the schedule. Then it will be off to Sylvan Lake on Friday morning. Sylvan Lake is about the only lake of any consequence in the southern part of Alberta and the community swells in size during the summer months with seasonal residents. There is good support for the race and it was a lot of fun last year so I am hoping for the same this time around.
After Sylvan Lake I am going to plan for one more triathlon event and then I will start getting myself ready for the Royal Victoria Marathon in October. Now that I have got my sub-three marathon time under my belt the pressure is off for this race. Although if conditions were right, I still think this would be the course where I could really put together a good race. It is flat, at sea level, and generally good weather conditions. If things did get nasty weather wise though, I could see it being a real monster as there are a number of places where you would be exposed for extended periods of time. Last year the rain hit at the 37 km mark, but since I was knackered at that point it didn’t seem to matter. But had I still been in it, I think it would have been an even tougher finish.
Have a great day!


Tri to Be Funny said...

Wow...a sub 3:00 marathon. I'm beginning to shift my training to more running as I'm doing the Marine Corps Marathon in October. My goal is a 3:20--a slow jog to you!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the post on my blog. Glad to hear the test run was successful. Good sign if you can tack on the extra miles successfully. Best of luck with the upcoming races, look forward to the reports.

Love2Run said...

Yes, it`s hard to only run for 20 minutes. It takes more time to change and shower. Having done a race before really helps for your race prep and confidence going in. Best of luck beating your age groupers!

Grellan said...

Best of luck on Saturday Garry. You're in top shape.