Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post Race Ponderings

After a couple of days to think over the Sylvan Lake experience, I am still generally satisfied with my overall performance. Poring over some of the Garmin data provided some tidbits of information which indicated some intensity lapses on the bike as well as lengthy stays in transition. While there is no accurate measurement of my T1 and T2, I would estimate that I spent at least 3 minutes in T1 and possibly more in T2. I guess having a shave and blow drying my hair (I know, I know, What hair?) are luxuries I will have to live without in my next race.; )
My run splits were quite good with some slowing near the end but for the most part I stayed quite even paced. The profile of the course was also interesting as it shows a lot of hills, more than I thought!
The swim is still a puzzle to me. As mentioned in my race report, I felt really good out there, probably the best I ever have in the swim portion. But my time just didn’t support what I thought I did. Some of the key points were, my sighting was bang on, I did not have to resort to breast stroke at any point, and I battled through a few tough spots to keep my position. In the end though it wasn’t enough as I came up at least 2 minutes slower and 4 minutes off what I thought I was capable of. In training I had been swimming some very good 100’s with times in the 1:45 to 1:48 range on a consistent basis. One theory I have considered is that my wet suit is too restrictive and I am shortening my stroke and expending a lot of effort just moving my arms. I bought this suit in 2004 and while I have not gained a pound I have thickened up through my shoulders. Perhaps I am grasping at straws but it is something to consider.
The bike was okay as I averaged around 18.1 MPH. There were some periods of time where I did lose focus and my cadence slipped. I also think I could have pushed some bigger gears at times, but I am admittedly lazy on the bike.
After a couple of days off and a few easy recovery workouts I will start to plot my next assault on one more race. The Alberta Challenge at the end of August looks like the only real option so I will begin to formulate a plan for that one.
Have a great day!


Love2Run said...

Looking at the overall results I'd say you'd deserve to be alot higher in the standings if your swim and bike techniques were just a bit stronger. You'd think your run fitness would translate to good bike results but it doesn't seem to work like that, does it?

Grellan said...

Your swim time puzzles me also. Your training does indicate that a much faster swim time is in you. Perhaps you may have been swimming againts a current.

In relation to my swimming time on Sunday, I know buoyancy plays a big part. I read somewhere that a wetsuit take 90 seconds off a 1,500m swim. In addition to that both my Tri's were in the Sea which gives much better bouyancy than a lake - I did some of my training in a lake and noticed the difference.

Best of luck.