Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday Morning!

Ah, Saturday morning! Time to relax and update my iPod for the week and enjoy some good coffee. Still in my blues mode, so I am adding some Albert King and Allman Brothers.

Last week I splurged and bought a new guitar.

This is a Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique. Yes, it is a little self-indulgent but what the heck! I love music and it is an investment. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

No big plans for today other than to do a longish run a little later in the day.

This week has been a good strong week on the training front and I have done pretty much all my workouts as planned. Yesterday was a semi-rest day as I only swam 2,350 metres at lunch. On Thursday I did an hour and a half time trial workout on the bike that was a killer. It was a progression work out that starts at 20 minutes at 95 RPM and drops by 5 minutes and 5 RPM but you keep getting up into bigger gears. It is really meant to be done with a power meter so that you can see the watts you are pushing. Anyway it was a good workout and my legs were singing the blues after that. I had run a little over 5 miles earlier in the day. The run was deliberately short in anticipation of the evening ride.

Next week the hours will start to drop slightly and I am kind of looking forward to the break. I feel like I have been training non-stop since last October so this break will be good for me.

I have had to alter my racing schedule as a couple of the ones I was planning have been postponed for this year. Next up will probably be the Alberta Challenge at the end of August. This is another half iron man, but there is also an Olympic distance as well. Depending on how I do at Sylvan Lake will determine the distance I enter. Then I think I will be doing a half marathon in September as a tune up for an October marathon in Victoria.

Well, back to getting some more music and enjoying another cup of great coffee from my Tassimo machine.

Have a great day!

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Love2Run said...

Looks like a work of art! So you play much? Enjoy the taper weeks, you deserve a little break I think.