Sunday, August 24, 2008

Change in Plans

My decision to change plans is somewhat ironic since I don't have a plan, but still I am changing my plan. For all intents and purposes my season is done for this year. The Achilles continue to be a bother and I just haven't been feeling it lately to get into any decent training. Originally I was going to shoot for a fall marathon, but since I already have achieved my goal this year, I don't think I need to stress myself to do another one.
The bigger and more important reason why nothing is slated though, is that I am essentially on standby for a very important mission. That's right, I need to be ready to drop everything in the next two months and be ready to take myself out of commission for about 4 days solid and at least two weeks of recovery. You see I have been selected by Canadian Blood services as a potential match as a donor for either bone marrow or stem cells! This is an extremely exciting development that came out of the blue last week. I have been registered as a potential donor since 2005 when my nephew, Kristopher required a stem cell donor. Fortunately for us, his sister was a perfect match and the treatment has been successful. So knowing first hand what the experience is like from the patient's side makes me very excited that I could possibly be able to help someone.
I have already passed the pre-screening which happened last week. That consisted of a very personal interview with someone from Canadian Blood Services. Fortunately for me I have never taken drugs or money for sex as that would have disqualified me.
The next phase consists of some extensive blood work and a complete physical exam. Once that has been done they will know how good a match I am for the patient. They look for six markers when determining a match and only start the process if the donor is 3 for 6.
The whole process will take a maximum of two months and if I am successful the last stage would be going to Edmonton for 4 days for the actual procedure. It it is bone marrow treatment I would be on the shelf for about two weeks while the stem cell treatment would have me out of commission for a few days prior to the procedure and probably a couple after. Pretty exciting and I am very hopeful that I can participate and give someone a chance. I certainly know how they must be feeling as we went through the same process with my nephew.
So my training will be for fun for the next little while. Can't get started training for IM CDA as it is just too far away. This is probably a good chance to work on swimming and cycling technique as they can always use some work.
This week I am on my own as Angela and Francesca left on Friday for a week long, girls only, vacation in Florida. With Hurricane Fay dragging herself through the state the weather is not all that great, but they will still have a great time. Then when Francesca gets back it is time to pack her up and take her back to the University of Alberta for year three! Wow that is hard to believe. Number one is also heading off to school today. Nicholas is off to Red Deer for his second term for his Heavy Duty Mechanic License. So, it's just me, the two dogs and the cat for the next week.
Have a great day!


Jamie said...

Sounds like you're making the right call with the rest. Hard decision, but the right one. You'll be back soon, no doubt.

Grellan said...

Enjoy the easy training and good luck with the swimming/biking technique sharpening.

Fantastic opportunity to help someone in need of bone marrow or stem cells, fair play to you.

Becky H said...

A forced rest time... sounds like good timing?! Kudos to you for offering to be a potential donor, you're giving some unknown person the gift of life...

Thomas said...

Does anybody really admit to having taken drugs or money for sex when asked like that?