Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fast = Rest

That was the theme of Friday's workouts! The interval work I did in the pool was all based on going harder to get more rest.
After a 200 metre warm up, and then 400 metres of drills (I am doing them again!), I started a 12 x 100 metre interval session. The goal time was 1:45 with a descending start time. The first three were to be done on 2:15, the next three on 2:10, then 2:05 and finally 2:00. It was a killer workout and I pretty much was able to stay in and around the 1:45. Just to make it a little tougher I did the odd sets using a pull buoy. The workout finished up with an easy 200 metres of swimming, but I was pretty much cooked. Interval work in the pool is a little more challenging than a run or bike workout as when you get tired there are not many options. While sinking to the bottom of the pool is an option, it is probably the least preferred.
The evening run on Friday had a similar tone to it. It wasn't an interval workout per se, it did have an option to it. The temperature was over 30 degrees celcius so I gave myself the option of 30:00 or 4 miles which ever came first. I chose to stay on the roads and loaded up with some sports drink and water prior to heading out. The result of the run was I covered the 4 miles in just over 27 minutes. It was a tough one as I really didn't do a warm up but just dove head long into some up tempo running.
The running book I have been reading and re-reading challenges just about every belief runner's everywhere hold near and dear to them. A Comprehensive Approach to Injury-Free Running has different opinions on everything from shoes, to stretching, to the value of a warm up, and injury treatment. All of it is backed up with pretty sound logic and evidential research. I am now on my third read of the book, this time with a highlighter as I prepare it for my wife to read. She is not much for the scientific stuff but is interested in what I have been sharing with her so far so she just wants to hit high spots.
Yesterday's run was in the heat again, and with no event planned, 7 miles was enough. My Achilles were bothering me a bit again as was the fact that my feet were heating up.
Today I have to get my sorry ass on the bike. It has been a week since I have went for a ride and it is time.
Have a great day!


Jamie said...

You've been hitting your workouts pretty hard... well done! Those are some warm temps, but autumn will be here soon enough!

Grellan said...

I wish we had temperatures approaching 30 - currently 15 degrees & wet, wet, wet!

Good workouts in the pool, certainly can be energy sapping.