Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holiday Monday

I guess I will classify the last couple of days as continuing recovery although I don't really feel like I need to recover. My workouts continue to be low intensity efforts while I contemplate my next move. Another tri or a marathon, that is the question.
Monday was a holiday and for a change I actually didn't go into work. It was nice as I enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee from the Tassimo. Man I love that thing! Perfect, hot coffee everytime.
Then Angela decided she would go into the office for the morning and I thought for a moment about going and then made another cup of coffee and got my book. It was glorious.
After reading for a half hour or so I started on a few little projects around the house.
First up was building a frame for a piece of screen I am using to clean up some black earth I have. With scrap lumber from the crate that carried my new treadmill I built a frame to hold the screen over top of my wheel barrow. Not being much of a handyman this little project went off with relatively few hitches or curses.
Next project, pressure wash the house. Sounds simple enough. Plug in the pressure washer, hook up the hose and spray down the house. Not so. Apparently the pressure is strong enough to knock things off the house and break plastic dryer vents and shower vents. See previous paragraph about handyman skills. Oh well, I feel like taking a trip into town anyway to check out Canadian Tire. Twenty two bucks later I have dryer vents and bathroom fan vent covers to make the repairs. One fits perfectly, the other does not and it was the largest size they had. But hold it, if I cut a few pieces off it will actually fit inside the old one. Slightly smaller, but will do the job I'm sure. And it does! Now back to pressure washing the house, albeit with greater respect for the power that it has.
Angela came home from work only to see the completed projects, and none of the repaired damage!
My run for the day was a random route which covered 8.5 miles in one hour. The map produced by the Garmin looked like I got lost or was drunk. I would find a loop that covered .15 miles and do it a couple of times then I would run down a road a little ways turn back and then go back again. It was quite obvious I was just marking time.
Today's run was a short 40 minute run covering 5.7 miles. Most of it was on the trails which was nice since it was warmer than usual today.
By the end of the week I hope to have settled on an event to prepare for. I am also feeling like I need to mix my program up a bit so I will toy with a few ideas to "freshen" it up.
Have a great day!

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