Monday, August 18, 2008

A New Week

Thank goodness last week is behind me! I think everyone has moved on from the shock of our boss being dismissed and started preparing for the change. It's kind of funny, but over the last two years we have made some dramatic changes to our operation and have continually preached that our employees need to accept and embrace change. Now when we are faced with a significant change it is not all that easy to accept. And realistically in the big scheme of things the change we have to deal with is minor compared to what some of our people suffered. Somewhat ironic I would say!
The other nice thing is there is no one in my office area at all this week! It is a veritable ghost town, and that is quite alright by me. I am enjoying collecting my thoughts and re-organizing myself for the arrival of our new manager who will be here on Wednesday. The great thing is I know the guy quite well and I am sure that I can work with him. If not, well.....the bus goes east and west last time I checked.
On the workout front I was also happy that it was a new week. Nothing to stellar to report from the previous week so it is time to focus on an event and get training. I think it is going to have to be an October marathon so I will tentatively start getting prepared for that.
Today I swam 1,800 metres at lunch. A warm up, couple sets of drills and 6 x 200 metre repeats focusing on stroke count and good form.
My run this evening was planned for 40 minutes and I ended up with 1 minute extra and 5.75 miles. The legs were good and I could have went further but I got a little sketched out when I came upon fresh bear scat. It didn't help that one of my co-workers was mauled by a grizzly this weekend! He was on a hike near his parents cottage about 40 kilometres from town and he didn't return at his expected time. His folks went out and found him and luckily he was alive. They air lifted him off to Edmonton where he is expected to recover. Still scares the bejesus out of you for a few days.
It is that time of year when the bush is a whole lot more active. You could hear the elk bugling on the weekend and the does and bucks are starting to hang out together. It wouldn't be long and autumn will be fully upon us, and I am fine with that as it is my favourite time of year to run. Nice moderate temperatures, bright skies and beautiful colours make for very enjoyable running.
Have a great day!


Andrew said...

Over here the bus only goes west.

J. Garry Power said...

True, but you could swim east.


Geez-I've been away for a few days and you've bonked your face, got a new manager and are re-reading Allan's book! Hope the face is recovering from the "Great Toilet Incident." I may put you in touch with Allan to talk specifics of his book. He's a great coach.

Love2Run said...

And watch out for those bears! Scary stuff.