Monday, June 16, 2008

This and that

Lately I have felt like I am kind of in a "no man's land" with regard to training.
While I am still putting in the workouts, making progress and generally feeling pretty good, it seems like my next event is so far away. I probably would have avoided this if I had done the sprint a few weeks ago, but that was not possible. There was an opportunity for a half this weekend in Calgary, but again I left it too late and didn't register.
Sylvan Lake is still six weeks away, so I just need to bare down and stick with it.
On the weekend I got a 1 hour and 30 minute ride in on Saturday followed by a quick 7 mile run. Sunday I followed up with about 11 miles of pretty solid hill work. It wasn't a hill work out per se, but just over the course I ran I had to do two hills which were over a mile long. Even with the long hills I still managed a 7:25 pace. My running continues to be strong and the legs have been good. I have really been diligent about massaging my calves and Achilles a couple of times a day and I have been treating the inflammation as well.
Tonight I did another hour and a bit on the bike and covered just over 22 miles. While I like the bike better than I used to, it is still not my favourite thing to do. Too much hassle getting things ready. I am hoping once we move back to town that it will be easier to get out. However, that may still be awhile as it is not that easy trying to sell an acreage. Living out of town only appeals to a certain number of buyers and then within that group there is only a certain amount that can afford it. It is nice out here though as I just looked up and there was a deer in the driveway. Things like that I will miss. What I won't miss is the driving, especially in the winter when the roads are icy and there is a steady parade of tractor trailers heading out to the oil patch.
Father's Day was great and we had a nice dinner with the kids. Nicholas grilled up some incredible Maple Garlic Chicken Breasts which were fabulous. Francesca bought me a new book, the Eric Clapton Biography. Timing was perfect as I had just finished the Walt Disney Biography the previous day.
This week the schedule calls for about eight hours of workouts with a large percentage of the time focused on the run. I'm good with that. However, it could be a bit of a challenge as work is going to be busy this week. Corporate visitors all week which means long, boring meetings and evening dinners. I absolutely dread the after work stuff! Usually my boss will excuse me from these events because he knows my workout schedule, but he requested that I make myself available this week. The pulp mill has run poorly as of late and we need to put our best face forward with our CEO, Group VP, and CFO. So I will suck it up and do my duty.
Have a great day!

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