Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Year Ago

Lately reading the blogs of many of the people preparing for this weekend's Ironman in Couer d'Alene takes me back to this time last year. It was a year ago that I was in the same boat, preparing myself for my first IM in CDA.
Thinking back, I can still remember the flood of feelings you have as the event nears. The excitement, fear, self-doubt, anticipation, and the list goes on. It is also a time of self discovery. If there is anything that will tell you what you are all about, an IM or other endurance event is probably the ticket. And I think that is the greatest thing you take away from putting yourself through this. You really find out how disciplined you are, how adaptable and resourceful you are and your ability to push beyond limits you previously thought you had.
Couer d'Alene was everything I hoped for last year when I made the commitment and signed up. The feelings when you come down to the finish line and total strangers are yelling out your name and high fiving you are beyond belief. For a couple hundred metres you forget the pain and suffering of the previous 140 point something miles you have covered and find another gear so that you look good at the finish. And then the reality of the fact that you have completed this feat sets in and it is quite emotional. Unfortunately for me, I had no one to share it with last year as other commitments kept my family from attending, but I saw other people around me and it was incredible.
So to all you guys getting set to stare into the sunrise from the beach on Couer d'Alene on Sunday morning, good luck and enjoy the total experience. You will never forget it!
Have a great day!

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