Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Annual Physical

Every year at this time, I schedule my annual physical. Timing wise it works out well as I have my birthday on January 8th as reminder and it is the start of the hard training for any event I am going to do.
I have always looked at the checkup from the perspective that I take my vehicles in for a service appointment after every 5,000 kilometres, wouldn't it make sense to do the same for my body? Especially given the fact that I ask a lot of it in a year.
The only thing about going for my physical is that as I age I am forced to suffer more indignities each year. Also given my family history (my father died from colon cancer, and several uncles from prostate cancer), well you get the picture! Having said all that, this is my plug to make sure that you go for a check up and get all the diagnostics done. In my case it has turned up things that, despite the candy coated outside, lurk inside and need to be managed. I believe my Dad would still be alive with proper screening and treatment. So if you haven't done it in awhile go out and make that appointment!
I am lucky that my doctor is a triathlete and marathon runner so he is great about understanding that side of me and treats me accordingly. He understands the obsessive nature of endurance athletes and helps to find courses of treatment that allow me to continue training without doing more harm.
So that is the public service announcement portion of today's blog!
On to the training or lack thereof.
Yesterday I laid an egg as I just was too tired to get out to do anything. A couple of late nights and a bit of lingering tiredness from the travel on Monday and Tuesday left me just wanting to kick back and relax. And that is what I did! It was a bit unfortunate as the weather has really taken a turn and temperatures have soared. Today we are looking at +10 C and sunshine so it will be time to run outside and enjoy.
Have a great weekend!

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