Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heading Back on Vacation

Well I am back off on vacation for a week and this should be the last one until Nicholas and Nicole get married in May. I don't really need the rest, but the escape from the cold will be welcome. Winter has really settled in over the last few days and I have been stuck inside as the temperatures have been -30C and lower. Coupled with the wind it makes for less than optimal running conditions!
So I will be off to sunny Mexico for 7 days of pampering and also some light training. I am usually good about getting in a run everyday and I will also go to the gym and swim. Once I get back though it will be time to start kicking things up a bit. Last week was a good jump off point as I managed to log just over 9 hours with some good runs and a few decent bike rides. Yesterday I rode 32 miles averaging 20 MPH with cadence in the 90+ range. That is where I need to be on the bike if I am going to make any noise at the races. The bike legs do feel like they are coming back as I have really not rode the bike that much over the last few months.
Music wise I am not finding much new these days. I have put the new Hinder and Nickelback albums on, but there hasn't been anything else that has captured my attention. My 30 GB iPod is full now, so when I add something new, something has to come off. There have been some tough decisions as of late! I think it may be time to graduate to the 120 GB model.
Have a great week!


Love2Run said...

Happy continued vacation and have a well deserved break from the brutal temperatures of late!

Grellan said...

Some guys have all the luck. I wouldn't mind one of those bike rides.

How long would it take to listen to 120GB of music?

Thomas said...

As much as I'm whining about the weather around here at times, I do count my blessings that I will never have to deal with anything like -30C.