Thursday, January 15, 2009

Reality Bites!

After another glorious week of vacation in the beautiful Mayan Riviera, it is back to reality, and as we all know, REALITY BITES! My biggest decision for the last seven days has been whether or not to go up for another helping at the all inclusive buffet.

However, a return to normal is not all bad either. I am actually happy to be home and get back to my training regime. Although I did manage to run 5 out of 7 days and get in a couple of swims, and that doesn't include the laps at the swim up bar!
The wedding was a blast and it was great to see my brother and his family. My niece and her husband made it a very memorable event treating us to an afternoon of sailing, snorkeling, snacking and snarfing beers in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as another morning of deep sea fishing. Along with a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception it was just a fantastic time and we really appreciated the incredible hospitality.

Times like these really make you appreciate your family. We have been blessed with a close family and we have a great bunch of nieces and nephews. They are all interesting, funny and really caring people and we are proud of all of them.
My brother and his family on the sailing trip.
So now it is time to starting eating this elephant better know as Ironman Coeur d'Alene. My training base is quite strong right now and I feel like I am in a good position both mentally and physically to kick things up a notch. They key, as usual is balance and moderation. Since I got back on Tuesday I have managed two swims of 2,000 metres each, a 5 mile run last night and a quick 40 minute ride tonight. I am still feeling the effects of an lack of sleep due to our travel arrangements on Monday. We left Cancun at 10:00 PM Monday night and arrived back in Edmonton at 3:00 AM Tuesday morning. Sleep was not an option on the plane as we had some crying babies and a pregnant women vomiting in the seat behind us. When we arrived in Edmonton we hopped into our truck and made the 300 Km journey home, stopping at the dog kennel along the way to pick up our pups. Then it was a quick shower and off to work. I finally hit the sack at 8:00 PM on Tuesday night! No worse for the wear but a little on the punch drunk side. Anyway after a few more days to catch up on some sleep I will be ready to get back to the ten hour level next week.
Captain Ang as we head out for a three hour cruise!
Now it is time to catch up on all the blogs I have missed reading.

The little guy in the front is my youngest blog reader, Emilio!
Have a great day!



Hope it was a good time. Hubster and I are looking at a trip there next month!

Love2Run said...

Very nice trip you had there. I wish I could blow up the pictures a bit so I can figure out the faces, not that I've seen your in about 30 yrs! But he does look like a 'Power'!