Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Breakthrough!

The swimming part of my trio of sports has always been a challenge. While there are limited gains to be made in the swim part of the race for me, you still have to work hard to maintain what you have. And the options of not being a decent swimmer are not good, as my brother once told me, if you can't run, you can walk, if you can't ride, you can coast, if you can't swim, you drown!
Lately I have mixed my swimming up a bit, adding a little more interval and drill work and when possible, another swim per week. And yesterday I definitely noted a breakthrough! Under race conditions my 1,500 metre time is 32 minutes plus. Yesterday I did a rather relaxed swim, which included 50 metres of breastroke in 30:20! So I am quite confident that I could have went under 30 minutes easily. Unfortunately I know holding on to my gains is the difficult part. Because swimming is so technical, it doesn't take much to revert to your old habits. But that was one good thing about yesterday's swim is that I really wasn't thinking too much about what I was doing.
Now if I can get a breakthrough on the bike!
Have a great weekend!


Jamie said...

Sounds like the hard work is paying off. Nice!

Love2Run said...

You'd think that the bike would be an easier one with your strong engine and legs. Good work!

Grellan said...

The time in the water is paying off big time! well done. Time on the bike is all you need now.

Garry said...

That is the story of the bike. Time in the saddle!