Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running Man

As much as I love triathlon, I am first and foremost a runner.
I have always loved to run, and have been a distance runner since high school. Back then, our phys ed teacher would start us running in the fall for cross country. There was a route that ran from the high school to a little lake and it was probably 2.5 or 3 miles at best round trip. On the way to the lake was a gas station and most of the guys in my class would take off from the school running at a great clip, once the teacher was out of site, they would duck into the gas station and buy a pop and some chips. Then they would head off into the bush and hide. I usually had no money so I ran to the lake and back. The rest of the class knew it was time to come out of the bush when I went by!
So through high school I ran cross country and played soccer which was really just running for me as I can't recall touching the ball that often. After college and when I started working in an office is when I really got serious and decided I would like to run a marathon. After a couple of ten milers I finally did my first marathon in 1985 in Duluth, Minnesota. My older brother and I trained religiously for the race and had modest expectations of finishing in under 4 hours. Both of us did considerably better and we were hooked! Since that time I have run quite a few marathons, halfs, ten milers, you name it. Unfortunately I am not much of a record keeper so I can't give you a litany of PB's, other than I know my best marathon was a 2:49:49. I only remember that one so well because I had a goal to go to Boston but I would only go if I qualified with the original qualifying time of 2:50. I can still remember watching the clock ticking down as I was running down the last straight stretch at Grandma's Marathon, wondering if I was going to make it!
Which leads me to the point of today's post. It has been almost 30 years of running for me and I still look forward everyday to my workout, some days more than others. My goals have always been modest, and I think I have always been pretty balanced in my approach to training. And I have tried all the different methods of training and found what I believe to be the sweet spot for me. Any more than 60 miles a week and I can guarantee that I will get injured. Also I like to run when I go out! My miles are mainly done at higher intensity because that is what I like to do. I don't hill train, and I don't necessarily speed train. I just run! And for anyone thinking of starting to run that is all you need to do......just run.
Have a great day!


Love2Run said...

You seem to be doing very well with 'just running'. Keep it up and stay healthy!

Sunshine Girl said...

I'm a big proponenet of the K.I.S.S theory of running as well. Hell, I don't even wear a watch! I even qualified for Boston without wearing one. My pace obsessed friends would ask "how do you do it?" and I'd say "Just keep it simple, stupid!"
Just run!