Friday, January 2, 2009

Musings of My 49 Trips Around the Sun

On January 8th I will have completed my 49th trip around the sun.
Now while some people on their birthday spend time thinking about all the things they haven't done, I will spend my being thankful for all the things I have done. I have had 49 great years and have gotten to do some amazing things! No mid-life crisis for this dude.
There are still lots of things I would like to do, but I really don't have a "bucket list" so to speak. I have really learned to embrace the things I have been able to accomplish and be thankful for them.
This year I would like to do a few more races. I had planned on doing more last year but it never really worked out for me. Coeur d'Alene is the feature race of the season and that will happen June 21. I felt I made considerable improvement in my IM racing last year despite the fact my time was almost the exact same as my first IM. Conditions in Arizona were beyond what I could have reasonably prepared for, so the fact that I gutted it out and finished was a feat in itself. So this year, hopefully with some co-operation from Mother Nature, I can pull together a better race.
On the running front I did have a good race in Red Deer, clocking a 2:58 on a rather challenging course. I haven't really set my sights on any particular marathon yet, but I will definitely do at least one.
Next week it is off to Mexico again for my niece's wedding. With bone chilling temperatures having settled in again (-37 C today!) I am looking forward to the sun in the Mayan Riviera. Temperatures there have been in the 28 C range so that will be a relief.
Today I managed to swim 2,000 metres at lunch and do a 7 mile run (7:08 pace) this evening.
I should finish the week with just over 9 hours so the slow climb has started.
Have a great day!


Andrew said...

You Power people are very fit!

Love2Run said...

And determined! Nice buildup this week.