Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday Workouts

The next few days will be relatively light as I shuffle my workouts to accomodate the holiday season.
Yesterday was a 7.0 mile run in 50 minutes. My legs were a little rubbery at the end, but overall I still felt pretty good. The Achilles seems to be responding to the NSAIDs, so that is a good thing.
I'll try and fit in a quick ride this afternoon when I get home from work, but that will depend on my level of preparedness for this evening's festivities. Still a few gifts to wrap and I have to make some scalloped potatoes but I'm sure I will get some sort of activity slotted in.
I'm hoping to get out and do some cross country skiing tomorrow as it supposed to be nice and I know the trails are in good shape for skating. Just need to wax up the boards for the milder temps.
All the best of the season to everyone. Enjoy your family and friends and take a minute to remember what it is all about.
Have a great day!

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Keith power said...

Merry Christmas, hopefully you are cooking a big bird, you know how Kristopher can eat? The house is some quite here with only Angelina , Rosie,Denis and myself. The good thing is the beer lasts longer. Anyway TTYL Keith